The Same Idea – But Different

It occurs to me that we all have many friends who don’t see the Middle East or Israel the way we do, even though they may attend our churches or synagogues.

And why is that?

Could it be – dare I say it? – that some of us have forgotten to read the Book and take it at face value? (Yes, yes, I can hear certain individuals protesting that so much of it is symbolic … and what I would say to them is this: Not nearly as much as you may think!)

Anyway, back on my topic here – since so many of us have forgotten or forgotten to find out what our Scriptures teach about Israel, maybe one way for you and me to be FRIENDING ISRAEL these days is as easy as giving the writings of Isaiah to the people we worship next to.

But isn’t that what yesterday’s post was all about? Haven’t we heard this idea once already?

Well yes … but if you don’t mind me being a little slow on the draw here, I’ve thought it through a bit better and here’s the thing. Yes, our Jewish friends need the encouragement only Scriptures can give at times … And yes, you’re probably like me and need Scriptural reminders now and then … but I’m seeing now that there’s a whole other component we don’t want to miss. And it’s our Chrisitan or Jewish friends who see no reason to care what happens to Israel.

For THEIR sakes, it might be worth both of us taking another look at A SON OF ISRAEL SPEAKS OUT and emailing the link to the ones who might not know how God feels about His people.


Free E-book

Just when things are getting more intense for Israel and friends seem harder to find – that might be just the time to pass this FREE E-BOOKalong to Jewish friends.

A SON OF ISRAEL SPEAKS OUT lets the prophet Isaiah say it in his own words – just like he did in Jewish Scriptures – but does us the favor of giving us an index of his topics. Open up the file, pick the topic you want to hear from him about … and presto! There it is, by title and page number.

Want to read Isaiah’s thoughts on Israel being INVITED BY GOD? Or maybe compare today’s headline’s with GOD’S PERSPECTIVE? Or is this one of those days you wouldn’t mind hearing about ISRAEL’S COMING GLORY? It’s all there in your FREE E-BOOK and the translation hasn’t been tampered with. Straight from the Jewish Publication Society version of the Tanakh it’s Isaiah getting right to the point.

Download the E-BOOK for yourself … and send it to your friends!

Talk About Borders

One way we can all do Israel a favor is providing some perspective on borders.

The photo here, for instance. Recognize it? Are you sure you do? … See to check your answer.

Or, as another example, take the fact that I live in Canada. Our best friend and neighbor to the south is the United States. And guess what? There’s a border between us. And that’s not all, we even have checkpoints, border guards, fences and (gasp) weapons protecting us from each other.

Well, not really protecting us from each other because, after all, we’re friends. More accurately, each of our countries is protecting itself from some of those elements common to every other country. You know the ones, the anarchists, criminals, that kind of thing.

But when was the last time you heard Canada screaming bloody murder over the USA monitoring who gets to cross over? Or, conversely, how irate are American friends if we friendly Canadians prefer not to receive certain potential visitors?

And is Israel really doing such a bad thing protecting its own from radical elements at large – who have clearly stated their intent to destroy every last Israeli?

Just thinking … what would people like us do in the same situation?

I think it’s time for Canadians, Americans and other people protected by security measures (like walls and fences) to start talking about borders.

And if you still need convincing, I’m recommending a post I found today. Although not totally agreeing with labels he uses at the end, at the same timeI couldn’t agree more.


Fasten your seat-belt first (highly recommended) — And THEN … ready? …  Click here:

So grateful for borders,


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Forward This Link

The Center of All Media

As friends of Israel, we already know there’s a BOATLOAD of mis-information racing around cyberspace. One Facebook entry is seen by hundreds of viewers at a time, one email hits the inboxes of who knows how many readers with just one click … and the deception is all around us.

So when I came across this link, I knew you would want to see it right away. And that you’d want your friends and family to see it too.

Because, whether anyone reads the article that comes with the picture, they can’t avoid seeing the picture.

And for some, seeing it with their own eyes might make them believers.

Keep the faith,


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Helping Friends Celebrate Passover

Passover Seder Table, Jewish holidays עברית: ש...

Passover Seder Table, Jewish holidays עברית: שולחן הסדר, Original Image Name:סדר פסח, Location:חיפה (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re coming up on what I think of as the most significant of all Jewish holidays – Passover. When Jewish people everywhere remember how – back in the days of Moses and Pharaoh – G_d delivered them from death.

It was a blood sacrifice that saved them. Israelite families were commanded by the Almighty to kill a sheep or goat. And if they obeyed the command, making that sacrifice and applying the blood of the slaughtered animal to the doorpost of their home, the angel of death passed over their families, not taking anyone’s life. While at the same time, Egyptian families rejecting Israel’s Redeemer (or even Israelite families not obeying that command) experienced the tragic death of their oldest child. All of them.

Still another form of Passover was soon afterward, when the Israelites miraculously passed over the Red Sea G_d parted for them, escaping the Egyptian armies out to kill them. 

After being saved so miraculously, rescued and delivered from death, Israelites were instructed by G_d to remember this deliverance. To observe it every year. To keep celebrating Passover in all its significance.

And they do.

And now we have the chance to help less fortunate Jewish families obey that command again by remembering how G_d rescued their people long ago, this year. And isn’t that a great thing to be remembering right about now?

If you’re interested in helping out some of our friends, just click here for more information!

And may you be blessed for blessing our friends!

Happy Passover!


Know What You’re Talking About

November 13, 2010. IDF soldiers rescued an eig...

Image via Wikipedia

When it comes to matters concerning Israel, one way to sound like you know what you’re talking about is to, well … to actually know what you’re talking about.

Hang on! Before you click off this page, can you give me 20 more seconds?

Because knowing things could be as easy as reading your email.

Up-to-the-minute news could be right there in your inbox. You could be reading about the very latest reasons to pray for Israel … or about news clips that need posting on Facebook … just by opening your email the way you already do. The only difference being that first you would click here to see the Israel Defense Forces’ blog, then scroll down until you see the SUBSCRIBE button and, last step, click on the button.

The way I just did.

Because seriously, there couldn’t be that many sources with more up-to-date reports on how things are playing out in the Middle East than the IDF, could there?

Subscribing to this one blog could update you and me both on the latest Infiltration Attempt Prevented on the Israel – Egypt Border as one example … or on critical details like the one about injured suspects being “evacuated by helicopter to receive medical care in an Israeli hospital.” (Did anyone hear that one on the news?) Or, scrolling down further, we might get the latest about finger-pointing headlines like the one screaming, How Come No Israelis Were Killed? But here, instead of just the accusation, we get to read the real explanations too – like this one – which could be good for when that subject comes up again!

So what do you say? Does it make sense for Israel’s friends to find out what’s going on?

And is it worth the price of a free subscription?

Off to check my inbox,


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