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Dangerous Information for FREE



Connecting for the Cause

Are you wanting to support Israel but not quite sure how?

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What To Do, What To Do

Many of our readers are new here, so this seems like a great time to remind readers about 3 IMPORTANT THINGS:

# 1

That this blog is a collection of action ideas anyone – anywhere – can use for friending Israel (that’s Facebook-speak), fighting against unprecedented global ignorance and telling the truth about the nation most discriminated against today.

# 2

That EVERYONE reading this blog is personally invited to join this team, help himself or herself to whatever they find here, share their own action inspiration with the rest of us and give us their feedback. The goal is for all of us to become more effective at doing what any decent friend would do — intervening when we see another friend taking a beating.

# 3

That there are PAGES AND PAGES full of action items already posted here (see index in sidebar). So for newer readers or those who’ve been here a while, this blog is your chance to “window shop” by scrolling scroll down / clicking pages until you’ve got some ideas you want to get started on.

SO PLEASE – make yourself right at home and feel free to take whatever you can find. We’re all in this together and we’re happy you’re here. Oh — and hey! We look forward to hearing your thoughts when you COMMENT on any of the posts!

Coffee Break for a Soldier

Take a look at this! Now here’s something we can do to make it a better day for at least one soldier. Coming to you from Israel Today, the blurb below says it all.

Coffee, anyone?



Coffee Break for a Soldier
Your Price: $9.99
Sku: KOI020

Israel Today is once again providing an opportunity for our subscribers to partner with us in blessing the Israeli men and women that serve the nation of Israel through giving a meaningful gift bag.

This year we will have a specific focus on giving to military reservists. All Israelis, men and women, are required to serve for a period of 2-3 years. After their service ends most Israelis are required to do reserve duty at least once a year for a period of 2-4 weeks. As they leave spouses and children behind for this period of service, we at Israel Today in partnership with our subscribers wish to bless them with a small gift bag.

* This item is excluded from any special offers.

Video Clip:

Buy Here:

Let Your Friends Know Who Their Friends Are

Still on the theme of “Friending Israel” and MORE ways you and I can make huge impact right from where we are, here’s another idea.

This time it’s a Youtube clip of Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper, who’s standing up for Israel, and for you and me, this makes it so easy.

Once you open the link you can copy and paste it into a the body of an email / into Facebook / as a post on Twitter / as a pin on Pinterest, or wherever you like.

Most people like knowing they have friends – at least I know I do – so just call it a random act of kindness and do it. I’ll bet it doesn’t even take five minutes! And your Jewish friends will love you for itt – especially in today’s world.

And seriously, how hard is it to forward or post something?



Recommend the Rabbi

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach can be seen here in this clip, telling a church congregation who Israel’s friends have been for the last 2 decades.

And one good way for you and me to “Friend Israel” might be to send this same message out to someone else who might need encouragement, might want to know who their friends are these days.

Preach it, Rabbi!


Get the Latest Tweet

If you use Twitter to get those quick updates, why not add one or a few different “tweeters” that will give you up to the minute news on what’s going on in Israel?

Just by adding @IDFSpokesperson to your account, for instance, you’d be able to get tweets from the Israel Defense Force … just like this one I saw yesterday:

Month of April saw 70 #terror attacks, including 3 soldiers stabbed & 8 rockets falling on southern #Israel

And, on the positive side, you’d see tweets like the one today:

Read how #IDF works with Palestinian Authority on environmental projects in Judea & Samaria

… And you could decide what to do with the information, whether it’s something you want to pass on to your friends and family. RETWEETING is the easiest thing ever – and just like that, your friends and followers can read the words you just read.

Want to be part of a growing army of people who don’t mind confusing the issue — with facts?


Tweet on!




The Same Idea – But Different

It occurs to me that we all have many friends who don’t see the Middle East or Israel the way we do, even though they may attend our churches or synagogues.

And why is that?

Could it be – dare I say it? – that some of us have forgotten to read the Book and take it at face value? (Yes, yes, I can hear certain individuals protesting that so much of it is symbolic … and what I would say to them is this: Not nearly as much as you may think!)

Anyway, back on my topic here – since so many of us have forgotten or forgotten to find out what our Scriptures teach about Israel, maybe one way for you and me to be FRIENDING ISRAEL these days is as easy as giving the writings of Isaiah to the people we worship next to.

But isn’t that what yesterday’s post was all about? Haven’t we heard this idea once already?

Well yes … but if you don’t mind me being a little slow on the draw here, I’ve thought it through a bit better and here’s the thing. Yes, our Jewish friends need the encouragement only Scriptures can give at times … And yes, you’re probably like me and need Scriptural reminders now and then … but I’m seeing now that there’s a whole other component we don’t want to miss. And it’s our Chrisitan or Jewish friends who see no reason to care what happens to Israel.

For THEIR sakes, it might be worth both of us taking another look at A SON OF ISRAEL SPEAKS OUT and emailing the link to the ones who might not know how God feels about His people.