Take Advantage of This Organization

For Israel’s sake, this is one powerful move you can make — and that could have far-reaching results.

The International Christian Embassy JerusalemICEJ for short – is one ministry getting out there and setting the record straight as far as Israel is concerned. Telling the truth – which can be a rare commodity these days! ICEJ presents history the way it really happened and Scripture the way it’s really written … on this most critical political issue of our day.

And because of that, YOU have an opportunity now to make sure the ones you care about hear the a pro-Israel message for a change —  whether it’s your synagogue /church, social club, university, school, community forum … or any other gathering.

To find out more about making a difference, just click here – and find out how to contact an ICEJ rep near you:


ISAIAH 58: Help Needy Jews Living in the Former Soviet Union

Let me introduce you to my friends over at International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. They’re doing what they can to help Jewish people – and giving you and me the chance to help them do it.
Throughout the former Soviet Union, a shockingly high number of Jewish people are living in terrible poverty. At greatest risk are orphaned children and the elderly, including Holocaust survivors who have no one left to care for them and are unable to provide for even basic needs.
Your gift to IFCJ’s Isaiah 58program will be a lifesaver this winter by helping us provide food, medical assistance, and winter relief to these destitute people. With winter quickly setting in and with so many lives at stake, please be as generous as you can.Canadian residents, make your gift here

No Proselytization

Congress of the Jewish Religious Organizations...

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Reading through the latest posts this morning, I found myself wondering how a dear Jewish friend of mine might read the exact same words.

And since a couple things I’ve said could cause confusion, I’m concerned about making it really clear what this blog is NOT.

FRIENDING ISRAEL is not some new blog strategy for evangelizing Jewish people. Any inspiration it gives its readers is not meant for  proselytizing or turning Jewish people into converts. Even though I don’t see how any posts so far would  even begin to do that, I want you to hear it straight from me: that is not my agenda.

If I did have an “agenda,” I guess you could best describe it two ways. First, for believers who care about Israel and its people to have all the tools they need to make a difference by standing alongside while, at the same time, helping other believers figure out how to do the same. And then, maybe as a result, for Jewish people to know who their friends are.

Talking with Michele (see above) has shocked me into realizing Jewish people have many good reasons to be suspicious about Christians’ motives. Because of that, and because of deep respect for friends like Michele, I’m inviting any Jewish readers browsing this blog to relax. Come and go as you like, scrutinize whatever you find here …  and in case you see red flags, please call me on it.

Very sincerely,



ACT (socially)

The sub-title of a book I’m reading right now says USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO CREATE SOCIAL CHANGE. And hey – clearly the idea has stuck with  me because I can recite all the words off by heart.

How do we do that kind of thing?

It amazes me that here again, the idea is so incredibly simple. Too simple to occur to most of us maybe? I don’t know, but at any rate, it’s something all of us can do to create a ripple effect and get the message out there.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or any other social media network? Great! Any time you find an article or news release or a website you KNOW people need to know about, you’ve already got all the tools you need. Just highlight the URL at the top of the page, right click on it and select “Copy” … sign onto your account and “paste” the link right there in the Comment field. That way all your friends will be able to read the same thing you read when they click onto it. 

Another way to do it, especially if it’s a shorter news item or such that you want to post, is to highlight the text itself, right click … Copy … Again, accessing your Facebook or other account … Click on the Comment field, right-click and select “Paste” … and you’re done!

Happy social-izing, everyone!





Bought You Something!

Gift Tag from Recycled Card

Gift Tag from Recycled Card (Photo credit: CraftyGoat)

Who doesn’t love hearing those words? And if you’re a reader, how sweet is it when the something has lots and lots of pages in it!

With so many people to influence and so little time, it seems to me that trying to influence everyone myself is just plain ridiculous. Especially with so many awesome writers working their trade, knowing their stuff and making it all make sense to their readers. – PLUS a good number now have celebrity status in  Christian circuits, so our friends are A LOT MORE LIKELY to listen to their message.

Writers like Joel Rosenberg, Dr. Michael Brown, David Dolan, Elizabeth Robert Campbell … and many, many more. And don’t forget those authors YOU’VE been enjoying and wanting to tell people about!

So what’s involved in this kind of FRIENDING ISRAEL approach? Basically, a bit of money for starters. If you buy from a store it’ll likely cost more than if you buy from since you can usually find gently-used or brand-new books online …  and a reduced price. Just search the name of the author you’re interested in and voila! Five days, give or take, and the book’s in your hands.

Next, it takes you going out of your way just enough to present it to the person you want to give it to – wrapped or unwrapped, doesn’t matter – and make yourself look like a nice person who does that kind of thing.

Oh – just one more note on this strategy. You probably know who you should give that book to already, and I would stick with that person. As much as you and I might want to convince everybody when it comes to this topic, I’m starting to realize that’s the Lord’s job, not ours. If He’s already nudged you about a certain person, best to go with that!

Still figuring things out,


PS Stay tuned for a new Sidebar link  (link included here as of last update) coming soon with not just books, but LOTS of great gifts you can purchase (for yourself or someone else) to help Israel economically and otherwise!

Dear Pastor …

You know your pastor, right? And if you don’t have his email address in your system already, I’ll bet you know how to find it real easy. (Church phone book? Bulletin? Phone call?)

So if you believe something is of critical importance these days – like maybe God’s heart for Israel – and you know about things you think your pastor needs to know about too … how hard is it to let him know?

I’m not suggesting you hit him over the head with all the theological arguments suggesting Christians stand alongside Israel today, or a Scripturally-sound eschatological outline of how it’s all prophesied to end … no. I’d prefer it if your pastor still likes you. And you still like me. 🙂

Since he’s already getting way too many messages in his inbox, mostly from the people he (mostly) loves to serve, it’s a good idea to go easy on the guy. 

Are you recommending a great book – or even better, wanting to buy him a copy? (Another spin on this would be if you’ve just finished reading a great book on our topic and want to gift it to him.)

Do you know about a great speaker or event coming into town and don’t want him to miss out?

Thinking “The Covenant” DVD would be awesome for young marrieds/ college and career / youth group to see? (Again, offering to purchase it yourself is a cool bonus here.)

Wanting him to know about the next Holy Land tour? (Funding optional.)

THESE are great reasons for emailing your pastor or – for that matter – anyone involved in church leadership. Make your messages few and far between and ALWAYS full of interesting news or ideas or chances for the pastor / leader / church to come out further ahead.

Give him a good reason to want to open your next email … a month or two from now!

Off to send an email,


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Book Club, Baby!

Stack of books in Gould's Book Arcade, Newtown...

Stack of books in Gould's Book Arcade, Newtown, New South Wales (NSW), Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All this idea takes is a bit of initiative to start the thing off.

Imagine you and a small group of your friends comparing notes every week on the very cool book you’ve all been reading. Sharing what disturbed you or impressed you or angered you (or whatever) in the chapter you all just finished reading.

And imagine you were the genius who picked a book with a powerful message about Israel, her people, her predicament, her sufferings, her place in God’s heart … or all of the above. Not just that, but YOU got to decide whether the book your studied would be fiction or non-fiction!

As someone who LIVES to read, it sounds like the next best thing to heaven as far as I’m concerned!

You might have the perfect book in mind already! But in case you’re not sure, can I recommend some “light reading” to introduce the subject and “soft-sell” your readers? Espionage-slash-suspense books like Joel Rosenberg’s novels would be great for a mixed crowd if you’re looking for entertainment value mixed with eye-opening conflicts. Or for women’s groups, I love what my friend Gail did. She started a tiny book club introducing “The Choice” (Elizabeth Robertson Campbell) … and that true romance woke her girls up to the disconnect between Christians and Jews, to the rich history we’ve lost sight of, and to a holy hunger for God. Gail practically started a church revival all by herself!

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, all it takes is inviting your friends and ordering as many books as your group will need. (Amazon delivers usually within the week.) Other than that, relax and have a good time discussing what the book talks about!

**Feeding the tribe is optional. If the group really needs to eat, consider taking turns providing snacks or sweets. Coffee, tea or a cold drink might be all it takes to make your guests happy!** 

Read on!


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