What To Do, What To Do

Many of our readers are new here, so this seems like a great time to remind readers about 3 IMPORTANT THINGS:

# 1

That this blog is a collection of action ideas anyone – anywhere – can use for friending Israel (that’s Facebook-speak), fighting against unprecedented global ignorance and telling the truth about the nation most discriminated against today.

# 2

That EVERYONE reading this blog is personally invited to join this team, help himself or herself to whatever they find here, share their own action inspiration with the rest of us and give us their feedback. The goal is for all of us to become more effective at doing what any decent friend would do — intervening when we see another friend taking a beating.

# 3

That there are PAGES AND PAGES full of action items already posted here (see index in sidebar). So for newer readers or those who’ve been here a while, this blog is your chance to “window shop” by scrolling scroll down / clicking pages until you’ve got some ideas you want to get started on.

SO PLEASE – make yourself right at home and feel free to take whatever you can find. We’re all in this together and we’re happy you’re here. Oh — and hey! We look forward to hearing your thoughts when you COMMENT on any of the posts!


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