Coffee Break for a Soldier

Take a look at this! Now here’s something we can do to make it a better day for at least one soldier. Coming to you from Israel Today, the blurb below says it all.

Coffee, anyone?



Coffee Break for a Soldier
Your Price: $9.99
Sku: KOI020

Israel Today is once again providing an opportunity for our subscribers to partner with us in blessing the Israeli men and women that serve the nation of Israel through giving a meaningful gift bag.

This year we will have a specific focus on giving to military reservists. All Israelis, men and women, are required to serve for a period of 2-3 years. After their service ends most Israelis are required to do reserve duty at least once a year for a period of 2-4 weeks. As they leave spouses and children behind for this period of service, we at Israel Today in partnership with our subscribers wish to bless them with a small gift bag.

* This item is excluded from any special offers.

Video Clip:

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