Get the Latest Tweet

If you use Twitter to get those quick updates, why not add one or a few different “tweeters” that will give you up to the minute news on what’s going on in Israel?

Just by adding @IDFSpokesperson to your account, for instance, you’d be able to get tweets from the Israel Defense Force … just like this one I saw yesterday:

Month of April saw 70 #terror attacks, including 3 soldiers stabbed & 8 rockets falling on southern #Israel

And, on the positive side, you’d see tweets like the one today:

Read how #IDF works with Palestinian Authority on environmental projects in Judea & Samaria

… And you could decide what to do with the information, whether it’s something you want to pass on to your friends and family. RETWEETING is the easiest thing ever – and just like that, your friends and followers can read the words you just read.

Want to be part of a growing army of people who don’t mind confusing the issue — with facts?


Tweet on!





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