The Same Idea – But Different

It occurs to me that we all have many friends who don’t see the Middle East or Israel the way we do, even though they may attend our churches or synagogues.

And why is that?

Could it be – dare I say it? – that some of us have forgotten to read the Book and take it at face value? (Yes, yes, I can hear certain individuals protesting that so much of it is symbolic … and what I would say to them is this: Not nearly as much as you may think!)

Anyway, back on my topic here – since so many of us have forgotten or forgotten to find out what our Scriptures teach about Israel, maybe one way for you and me to be FRIENDING ISRAEL these days is as easy as giving the writings of Isaiah to the people we worship next to.

But isn’t that what yesterday’s post was all about? Haven’t we heard this idea once already?

Well yes … but if you don’t mind me being a little slow on the draw here, I’ve thought it through a bit better and here’s the thing. Yes, our Jewish friends need the encouragement only Scriptures can give at times … And yes, you’re probably like me and need Scriptural reminders now and then … but I’m seeing now that there’s a whole other component we don’t want to miss. And it’s our Chrisitan or Jewish friends who see no reason to care what happens to Israel.

For THEIR sakes, it might be worth both of us taking another look at A SON OF ISRAEL SPEAKS OUT and emailing the link to the ones who might not know how God feels about His people.


One comment

  1. Lila Quezada

    And we as Christians have no business being ambivalent about Israel and how God’s prophecies for the nation of Israel are playing out!!!

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