Free E-book

Just when things are getting more intense for Israel and friends seem harder to find – that might be just the time to pass this FREE E-BOOKalong to Jewish friends.

A SON OF ISRAEL SPEAKS OUT lets the prophet Isaiah say it in his own words – just like he did in Jewish Scriptures – but does us the favor of giving us an index of his topics. Open up the file, pick the topic you want to hear from him about … and presto! There it is, by title and page number.

Want to read Isaiah’s thoughts on Israel being INVITED BY GOD? Or maybe compare today’s headline’s with GOD’S PERSPECTIVE? Or is this one of those days you wouldn’t mind hearing about ISRAEL’S COMING GLORY? It’s all there in your FREE E-BOOK and the translation hasn’t been tampered with. Straight from the Jewish Publication Society version of the Tanakh it’s Isaiah getting right to the point.

Download the E-BOOK for yourself … and send it to your friends!


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