Talk About Borders

One way we can all do Israel a favor is providing some perspective on borders.

The photo here, for instance. Recognize it? Are you sure you do? … See to check your answer.

Or, as another example, take the fact that I live in Canada. Our best friend and neighbor to the south is the United States. And guess what? There’s a border between us. And that’s not all, we even have checkpoints, border guards, fences and (gasp) weapons protecting us from each other.

Well, not really protecting us from each other because, after all, we’re friends. More accurately, each of our countries is protecting itself from some of those elements common to every other country. You know the ones, the anarchists, criminals, that kind of thing.

But when was the last time you heard Canada screaming bloody murder over the USA monitoring who gets to cross over? Or, conversely, how irate are American friends if we friendly Canadians prefer not to receive certain potential visitors?

And is Israel really doing such a bad thing protecting its own from radical elements at large – who have clearly stated their intent to destroy every last Israeli?

Just thinking … what would people like us do in the same situation?

I think it’s time for Canadians, Americans and other people protected by security measures (like walls and fences) to start talking about borders.

And if you still need convincing, I’m recommending a post I found today. Although not totally agreeing with labels he uses at the end, at the same timeI couldn’t agree more.


Fasten your seat-belt first (highly recommended) — And THEN … ready? …  Click here:

So grateful for borders,


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  2. Alan Gray (@newstext)

    Good story, Shari. Once humans get a stupid idea into their head, it can be difficult or even impossible to dislodge it.. Three of our NewsBlaze writers tell such stories too, and none of them seem to make sense to those who shout “apartheid” and other ridiculous chants. I am often surprised at the people who do that, because they are seemingly highly intelligent people, who react against one thing they don’t like, but conveniently ignore the obvious deadly reasons for that thing. The Palestinians have had a lot of opportunities to change their situation but they seem to have purposely rejected every single one. It could be that many Palestinians would just love for this all to stop, so they can live a normal life like other people, but their so-called leaders have other plans for them.

    What is most frightening is they are purposely teaching their children to hate and to fight – something else the do-gooders rationalize away. That leads them to protest against the fences, which wouldn’t be there is the rockets and terrorist incursions hadn’t happened, and come (in Canada) try to shut down businesses, as Nurit writes in her story today “Israel Products Under Attack in Vancouver”

  3. SNM

    Thanks Alan, I appreciate your comments and couldn’t agree more. You’re so right about the “seemingly highly intelligent people” too, as I’ve noticed and wondered about that same thing so often. Thanks for standing for what’s right. Blessings!

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